Yoga practice

Ashtanga yoga: Always the same, but new every time

Starting the day with an Ashtanga Mysore practice – it takes some discipline to get up early for an intense yoga series, but it feels incredibly fresh and clear afterwards!

It’s a transformative experience to practice the traditional Mysore style in the morning, which is in the form of self-practice with the guidance of a highly experienced teacher giving personalised instructions. In this way, there is a lot of room for development. Although the Ashtanga series consist of fixed sequences, you can practice for decades and keep learning every day.

It takes time to master the asanas, the breath, the focus. Then, when you have built sufficient experience with the Primary Series (which you can see in the chart), there is an Intermediate Series and subsequently an Advanced Series. But the Primary Series in itself is very challenging already!

Therefore, Ashtanga yoga may seem monotonous and rigid at first sight, but when you look further and go deeper into the practice, you discover the richness in this structured discipline. An exemplary way of increasing focus and control over body and mind, which is the purpose of yoga, ultimately paving the path to self-discovery.

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