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Earth Day: Reconnecting with Nature

Today is Earth Day, and I feel like sharing some of my dreams with you. From a young age, I’ve been dreaming of a world in which we are more connected to nature. A world in which we take better care of the planet and ourselves. It seems to be a challenge for many people but the trick is.. it is actually really simple.

Last week I went to Friesland to help some friends building a permaculture. It is such an inspiring place – a farm renovated by a couple, who want to create a place where people can come to reconnect with themselves. My friends are living there in a yurt on the land, helping to create more biodiversity by sharing their knowledge on permaculture*. Isn’t that wonderful, just sharing what matters most in life?

Me planting some herbs at the farm in Friesland

I would like to create a place like that one day as well. Living close to nature, welcoming anyone who would like to learn and grow together. I want to show that just living a little simpler and healthier can solve so many problems of the modern world. That a simple life is actually a new luxury. Maybe such a life used to be hard in the past, maybe it was a struggle. But now the opposite is true: owning a big house, pursuing a successful career, the abundance of food all come at a huge cost. The cost of your own physical and mental health. The impact on our planet. And the isolation from each other, the disconnect from our own nature.

All that I have learned in my life so far – from yoga, from Eastern and Western philosophy, from the clients I see as a psychologist, my teachers and colleagues, from travel, from the current issues in the world, from poets, and I could go on – all of that has shown me that it is simply about turning inward, growing closer to your true self, and to simply be. All we need for that is some tools to connect to ourselves, connection to others, connection to the earth. All of that is deeply healing.

One day my dream of creating such a healing place will come true, I’m sure, I’m on my way. But reconnecting to the earth and our own true nature is something we can do every day. As I have said before… to me, every day is Earth Day!

*Would you like to learn from them as well? Tosca and Jelle created an online training (in Dutch):

And if you’d love to visit the farm, have a look at Frans & Marijke’s website:

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