Buddhism, Yoga philosophy

Everyday enlightenment

“Enlightenment can be experienced every day by every person, not only by gurus” Today I had a conversation with Anwar van Naerssen, a colleague yoga teacher who studied Tibetan Buddhism for several years. We discussed the eight limbs of yoga, in which the ultimate purpose is to achieve enlightenment (which is also true for the… Continue reading Everyday enlightenment

Ayurveda, Yoga philosophy

Morning walks: Ayurveda and the circadian rhythm

When I was in India, I visited an ayurvedic doctor who advised me to do early morning walks every day. During the yoga teacher training we did a few of those (the picture above was taken there) and I can intuitively feel that they are beneficial - but my curious mind was hungry for a… Continue reading Morning walks: Ayurveda and the circadian rhythm