Online yoga classes

Would you like to practice yoga from home?* On this page, I am sharing a few online yoga classes with you to help you getting started.

These videos were recorded at École de Santé in Belgium – a wonderful place for relaxation and lifestyle retreats. A special thanks to the retreat organisation, as well as the help of our media expert Sander van Iersel, who has turned the videos into something extra special.

The yoga videos are free to use, but you can choose to make a donation. If you would like to do so, you are supporting all the people who contributed to creating them for you! This would be much appreciated.

Back to Basics | Hatha Yoga Class by Lana Donse

Practice going back to basics in this 30-minute hatha yoga class.

Our life is often full of new developments, with a busy schedule and many roles to fulfill. We are bombarded with information and driven by high expectations. We have big dreams to make true. This can be fun, inspiring and energizing, but it can also be exhausting.
Moreover, caught up by all activities and running in the same circles over and over again, we can be kept away or drift away from our true, inner selves.

“Who am I?” That is the ultimate question in yoga philosophy. Yes, we’re diving deep right away. Even though the theme of this class may sound simple, going back to basics can be very challenging. Letting go of the tendency to go for more, better, further is not a piece of cake, as we (Western people) grow up in a society where that’s the norm. Eastern ways of thinking, including yoga philosophy, teach us to slow down, to take a step back and reflect. Peeling off the layers that we’ve formed throughout life, covering our identity, is part of this.

Therefore, this yoga practice is simple in its form – explaining some basic breathing techniques, asanas and relaxation – but the challenge lies in allowing yourself to practice with an open mind, to let go of what you know, to become still and observe what is happening inside. All is good – in yoga, there is no right or wrong. Let’s take a step back together, and just be. Breathe. Feel. Experience. Enjoy your practice!

Letting Go | Gentle Vinyasa Yoga Class by Lana Donse

In this 30-minute yoga sequence, we will practice letting go. Yoga can spark a process of self-development, a process that allows us to change in a positive way. However, along the way, we may sometimes find we are stuck in old and disfunctional patterns. To find more freedom, it is essential to let go of the things that no longer serve you. Creating space for a new beginning, for positive energy to flow, and for expressing your true self.

We will do this through a gentle vinyasa flow, using the power of breath, yoga poses with a cleansing effect and natural movement that will allow you to let go.

Finding Balance | Yin-Yang Yoga Class by Lana Donse

Yoga can help you to find your own balance, to explore what is useful for you in this moment in your life.

Some people may have a tendency to go on and on in their life, and could use a little more rest and relaxation, whereas others may feel stuck and feel a need for more energy and power to move on. This is exactly what we do in a yin-yang yoga class: balancing the calm, soft energy of yin with the dynamic activity of yang. We alternate between stillness and flow, between effort and relaxation, to create balance in the practice as a whole.

You are invited to adjust the sequence to your own needs: if you feel stressed and tense, try a little more yin, and if you feel fatigued or down, add some extra yang. Each exercise can be practiced in a yin way, a yang way, or somewhere in between – it is not all or none, there is no right or wrong. It’s all about balance.

Did you like this? The yoga videos are donation-based. Please make a donation of your choice, supporting all the people who have contributed to creating them and their small businesses. We suggest a donation anywhere between 4,99 and 15,50, which is common for yoga classes. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will donate 25% of the profit to The Red Cross.

Live online classes and yoga therapy exercises on YouTube

For more, you can also have a look at my YouTube channel. I’ve been recording a few classes through Facebook Live – the quality is by far not as good as the videos above, but I hope you will nevertheless enjoy the practices!

In addition, I have created a few videos to introduce you to yoga therapy for mental health and wellbeing. I hope this is helpful to you!

*About online yoga home practice

Yoga is very helpful to improve your health and wellbeing, which is why a regular home practice is highly recommended. 

A yoga home practice has some additional advantages: you will be able to apply all practices in daily life, so you can pick the elements you would like to do more often and repeat them whenever you want. In this way, you will develop a long-lasting habit of self-care. 

If you have no previous yoga experience, please seek make sure to seek some guidance of a yoga teacher to make sure you can practice safely. For personal guidance, you can also choose to do a private yoga (therapy) session that will help you to tune your practice to your individual needs – something you can benefit from for the rest of your life. 

With that in mind, enjoy your practice of yoga! 

Send a message if you have any questions about the classes.