Weekly schedule

In my classes, I invite you to explore how yoga can strengthen your body, broaden your mind, and enrich your life!

At this moment, I am mainly teaching one-on-one yoga therapy and workshops/courses. In addition, I am teaching a group yoga therapy class once a week:

Thursday 16.00-17.00Group class Yoga TherapyYogaZenter, Amsterdam


At the moment, classes take place online due to corona

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More yoga

In addition to these classes, I am also offering one-to-one yoga therapy sessions. If you’re interested in an in-depth yoga therapy course, you can join the 8-week yoga therapy programme (Dutch). For other special events, have a look at the calendar or at Yoga Laña’s facebook page: facebook.com/yogalanadonse

Online yoga

In times of staying home, I’ve also created some yoga videos to guide you in your home practice. Would you like some personal guidance? An online individual yoga session is possible too!

Stay posted

Updates and new events can also be found on Yoga Laña’s facebook page.